Crater Lake info

Crater lake is a lake that is located in Oregon near the western edge. It covers an area of 21.5 square miles and has a shoreline of about 20 miles. The lake was formed by an ancient volcano called Mazama which had collapsed on itself. The lake is located at latitude 42° 56' N and longitude 122° 07' W. The Approximate elevation is around 7100 feet above sea level. This lake is a freshwater lake that is fed only by rain and snowfall from around the year. About 44 feet of snow and around 66 inches of rain.
The lake has only one way of controlling how much water is in it and thats evaporation. The evaporation doesnt take that much water out though but keeps the lake at a somewhat stable level of water.

image_large.jpgMap of Crater lake National Park.

image_preview.jpgCrater Lake as seen from the rim of the bowl.